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It doesn’t matter where you are right now. Where you’re going is the point, and Self-Powered Change offers the inspiration, motivation, and tools to help you get there. You’re not alone on this journey of growth, self-development, and soul-searching insight. This site offers tools to help you along the way. Welcome home.


Harness Your Power

We all have far more potential than we express at any given time. There is always something new to learn, some skill to acquire, some deeper knowledge of self that will make life richer and more meaningful. We’re in a constant state of joyfully becoming, with no end in sight, because the journey itself is the destination.

And we all get stuck at times, too, even the best educated and most self-aware among us. Click here for more on some of those “stuck points” and information on the resources you can find here to harness your power and get unstuck.


I’m Dawn Williams, a Certified Life Coach, Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, specializing in building new directions and expanding your awareness of the possibilities available to you. I’m also a speaker, writer, course creator, and business trainer. This website is here to offer you connection and support as you navigate life’s changes and take control of creating the future you really want. The blog and other free resources are intended to give you food for thought and tools you can use on your journey. Click here to learn more about me and what this site offers.


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