Common Stuck Points

Common Stuck Points

No matter how carefully we plan and how diligently we work, life often doesn’t get the memo about where we want to be. Sometimes events beyond our control derail our plans. And sometimes we grow in a different direction than expected, finding that our needs and dreams and desires are changing and the life we worked so hard to build no longer fits.

Maybe you were happily moving through life, content and certain you were on the right track. Out of nowhere, something unexpected happens — illness, divorce, loss of a job — and suddenly the entire framework of your life is in question. When change is forced on us, there’s no time to plan ahead, and we often drift with no clue how to regain control and choose a new direction. If this is you, Self-Powered Change can help.

Or perhaps you realized that you’d lost your joy and enthusiasm for the life you’d created. You go through the motions because it’s what you’ve always done, but that passion you once felt is missing. You’re in a rut, stagnating, and like a man stranded on a dessert, you thirst for answers and a way out of this barren landscape. Self-Powered Change can help.

Sometimes it doesn’t take a crisis or a rut to make us feel like tourists in a strange land, without a road map. When we’re preparing for a new chapter in life, be it contemplating going back to school, making a career change or embracing entrepreneurship, facing a soon-to-be-empty nest, or considering the many choices available for today’s new retirement, weighing the pros and cons of numerous opportunities can be quite overwhelming. Self-Powered Change can help.

As the blog becomes more fully populated, you’ll find a constant source of food for thought, tools you can apply in your own life, and services to help you craft your journey if you so desire. Visit often, and sign up for the Self-Powered Change newsletter so you won’t miss the latest offerings as they become available.

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