Meet the Coach

Meet the Coach


Dawn Williams, CLC and Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach

The coaching field called me at the midpoint in life. Although I boast a lifelong love affair with the theories of psychology, especially resilience, motivation and behavioral change, my professional life has focused on writing and marketing. I am the associate publisher of Senior News 50 and Better, a monthly for Boomers and seniors that provides information on making life as good as it can be at any age. My work has earned dozens of awards, the highest honor of which was being named a journalism fellow in the Metlife/Gerontological Society of America Journalists in Aging Fellowship in 2013. Writing about what makes us tick — and more importantly, how to make us tick better — at every stage of life has been my greatest passion. My belief in the human capacity for growth is unlimited…and so, my friends, are we.

Make no mistake. If you feel the desire for something more in your life, if you seek a greater sense of purpose, if you dream of having and being something more, I promise, you already possess the ability to make it happen. Self-Powered Change is a vehicle that helps you reach your own inner wisdom, your own answers, on your own terms, all with the support of a co-creative partner who will shine a light on what you already know and support you every step of the way. I believe in you.

Information about working with me can be found here, but even if you’re more of a go-it-alone kind of person, I’ll be pouring oodles of information on the human condition — and how to improve it — into the blog, so you’ll always find something here to make the visit worth your time.

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All material on this site is by Dawn Williams, writer, speaker and Certified Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Coach, unless otherwise noted. Dawn is convinced that human potential is limitless and our possibilities endless. If you think so, too – or if you’d love to be convinced – please visit often for inspiration, encouragement, and applicable tools you can use to build a more satisfying and meaningful life.

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